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Garment Inspection Secures Quality

Our Team of Fashion Designers are Well Synced and Ready For The Job. They’re the key to helping clients tap the potential of their target market.

Behind the essence of delivering top quality and trendy fashion lies a great team. This team consists of qualified professionals who are both innovative and experienced designers. We only hire extraordinary talents and can say our team fits the description.

The process of delivering a quality product to our customers is divided into two key areas, namely ‘Prevention’ and ‘Control’.

The prevention part is taken care of by our Quality Assurance (QA) team which, under guidance from customers, sets the standards for quality and oversees all elements of pre-production work such as the fitting and styling details. The prevention part is also strengthened by in-house testing labs which make sure that the required testing procedures are undertaken before the production process starts.


The control part is taken care of by our Quality Control (QC) team, which ensures that the product standards set up by the customers in coordination with our QA team are implemented throughout the production process, and that the final product is as per our customer’s specifications.

Our Awesome 3rd Party Garment Inspection Strategy Secures Quality

Sewing Section:

  • Inline inspection (by QI, QC)
  • Roaming inspection (by QI, QC)
  • Traffic light inspection (by QI, QC)
  • End of line inspection (by QI, QC)
  • Audit of the checked pieces (by FGL QM, QC)

Finishing Section:

  • Initial finishing inspection (by QI)
  • Final finishing Inspection (by QI, QC)
  • Internal final audit (by factory QM, QC and Management)
  • Final audit (by FGL QM, QC and Management)